Grades 2 - 4

First Day of School in Our Safari Hats!
      Our classroom is almost full to the brim with 15 of the 16 seats filled.  We have a large group of second graders and these young people are stepping up to the new challenges of moving up to Mrs. Kaiser's classroom.  We began the new school year with a Bible unit on salvation themed  around a safari.  The idea is that, just as camouflaged animals may be really close by but difficult to see, so God is always near, though sin has made it hard for us to see Him.  We are learning how to look more closely and how to use the Bible to help us know what God is really like. 

     Our first reading unit will be based on the book Will We Miss Them? which is about endangered animals and our first field trip will be to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo.  In science we are studying ecosystems, so everything is tying in nicely and we are having a great time together. 
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