Grades 2 - 4
This year's students are proving to be some of the finest students in the world (okay, at least, in Mrs. Kaiser's world).  They are truly coming to understand what a culture of excellence looks like and are showing it in their work and in their interactions with each other. 
We have been learning that Jesus was a friend to the friendless and a friend to children.  We are learning how to find Bible promises and to claim them for real needs in our lives.  In order to be more efficient in our use of the Bible, students are memorizing the books of the Bible by singing a song.  It is such a joy to see young people growing into the image of their Creator. 
        Our class has been reading the book Sarah, Plain and Tall and learning about what life was like in the 1800's so we took a field trip to the Erie Canal and Sim's Store at Camilus.  Sim's store is a museum that includes a general store much as it looked in the 19th century.  Students were able to see a working model of a canal lock, ride a boat down the canal to see an aqueduct, dress up in period clothing, and identify some new-to-us wildflowers along the original Erie Canal.  God provided great weather and we had a powerful learning experience.  We appreciate the many volunteers at the site who make it such a "kid-friendly" site.