Inreach and OutreachMarch 29, 2018

Churches that focus inward, forgetting their mission to the world, tend to become unhealthy--formalistic, dysfunctional, or embroiled in conflict. I have seen the opposite extreme as well. Some groups mount up a charge to evangelize the world and effectively trample one another in the process. We need inreach and outreach, and the two support each other. True love in our hearts will see even those outside the church as God's children and will draw a circle of inclusion wherever possible. The blessing of God's love in the community will spill out to the world, and the constant pouring out to the world will press us back to one another for prayer and encouragement.

This little planet, twirling in space, has become the focal point of a universe torn by sin. Can God heal the deepest of wounds? Can He bind the most estranged hearts? Can He transform the darkest curses? Our love for one another in Christ answers those questions with a resounding "Yes!"                                                                                          
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  More Info

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