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Welcome to Parkview Junior Academy

   Parkview has been in existence for over 100 years providing a Christian education to the children of its constituent churches and to the community.   It is our goal to provide an education that is balanced to meet individual physical, social/emotional, academic, and spiritual needs. We consider it our duty, in cooperation with parents, to develop students who are responsible and respectful, and who make strong and positive contributions to society. 

   We look forward to meeting you, and should we have the opportunity, serving your young person.
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New Year, New Blessings!
     So much has happened over the summer and since the start of the school year that it is hard to figure out where to start.  Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. Kaiser got inspired over the summer to transform an unused piece of school property into a nature center where students could study the real thing in addition to reading about it in a book.  The center is being lovingly supported by a grant funded by the Halbritter Foundation, for which we are supremely grateful.  Since leadership training is important to our school, teachers decided to use the nature center and several other projects as opportunities to teach and exercise leadership skills, using Covey's 7 Habits as the foundation of our learning.  
     Many volunteers got excited about helping with the nature center and now we have the start of a delightful place for outdoor education.  Mr. Kevin Peck brought his heavy equipment and dug the holes for a frog habitat and a worm farm. Mrs. Donna Gilmore turned the frog hole into a beautiful home for bullfrog tadpoles, dragonfly larvae, and an 18 year old goldfish she has nurtured.  Students recently watched with excitement as these were released.  
     Meanwhile, Mrs. Kelsey Hayes worked with a crew to set up a memorial to longtime supporters of our school, Paul and Louise Hafner.  This includes a bench with a plaque and some mums under a tree in the nature center.  Additionally, they created an insect hotel, painted and filled re-purposed tires for fall vegetable planting, assembled a hammock, and did some general clean-up of debris. 
     Mr. Alan Kaiser taught a group of students how to set up an aquaponics growing system over a fish tank.  This is on display in our front hall and seedling are already growing like weeds- good weeds we can eat! 
     Mr. Burghardt worked with a group of students to build bluebird houses, some of which will be placed around the property, including in the nature center.  Others are available for sale to the public. 
     Mrs. Hayford had a team of four students working on a communication project.  They have submitted their work to News Channel 9 to be considered for one of the "Cool Schools" segments.  They also prepared presentations for our area churches. 
     Ms. Park's K-1 crew with help from one of our older students and the LaFlair family, learned about the importance of good nutrition and prepared healthy (and DELICIOUS) snacks for the whole school each day of leadership week. Can you say, "YUM" to edamame hummus, banana "ice cream," and zucchini bread???
     Ms. Sharon Lodge and Mrs. Kaiser took a group of seven students through a leadership training program that helped prepare them to lead small groups.  We learned that you can't lead if you don't know how to follow, and that every time a team member fails to do his/her part the plan is weakened.  We studied quotes by famous leaders and learned the "project cycle" as we planned and carried out a party. 
     All of this work culminated in an open house with a tour of the developing nature center, where students presented their projects and learning to parents and friends.  Future plans for the center include a picnic table, a shelter of some sort, areas where students can display their science/nature related work, a butterfly garden, an amphitheater area for presentations, and a sunflower house.  God seems to be smiling on this project which is meant to glorify Him as the Creator of all things beautiful.
Students on the leadership team wrote the following leadership mission statement:
Parkview's Leadership Mission Statement
Students at Parkview are respectful leaders, 
inspiring and encouraging, teaching leadership, 
making decisions, and modeling responsibility 
so God can use us now and in the future 
to have fun and make a difference. 

Parkview Gets Another Grant!

     Last December Jann Cady (bless her great, big heart!) applied for $10,000 in technology grant funds from Versacare, an Adventist philanthropic organization.  About a month ago she checked the Versacare website but apparently accidentally viewed last year's recipient list. She concluded, erroneously, that we had not gotten the grant.  THEN, out of the blue, a check for $10,000 appeared in the mail. 

     We were ecstatic.  Teachers and advisors are reviewing our needs, so we can ensure that these funds are used in the most effective manner possible.  Stay tuned for photos and news on what is to come.  In the meantime, we praise God for His kindness to us (AND we are grateful to those through whom He worked as well- "Miss Jann" and the board of Versacare). 

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     Parkview is a Box Tops school! Box Tops for Education™ is a school earnings program that helps schools earn cash to buy the things they need. Box Tops are each worth 10¢ for schools and are found on hundreds of products. When students, families, schools and communities work together to collect Box Tops, the money adds up fast. Please look for Box Tops on the products you buy at the grocery store. You can clip, save, and drop them off at Parkview in the designated box located next to the fish aquarium. Pick up a collection sheet to make the process more fun, download the Box Tops Bonus app, or sign up to be a supporter at and receive exclusive coupons for joining! Money earned from the Box Tops will be used to help fund Family Ties events for this year and any excess will go towards classroom expenses.
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New Chromebooks Up and Running
     Last spring we received a grant from Versacare for $10,000 to upgrade our school technology.  Chromebooks have been purchased so that every student in grades 2-9 has one of their own to use in school and the K-1 class has four.  We are working out the inevitable kinks in setting up technology and kids are beginning to make use of these tools.  They are being trained to think of technology as a tool, rather than a toy, and are excited about this privilege.  




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