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Welcome to Parkview Junior Academy
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   Parkview has been in existence for over 100 years providing a Christian education to the children of its constituent churches and to the community.   It is our goal to provide an education that is balanced to meet individual physical, social/emotional, academic, and spiritual needs. We consider it our duty, in cooperation with parents, to develop students who are responsible and respectful, and who make strong and positive contributions to society. 

   We look forward to meeting you, and should we have the opportunity, serving your young person.
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Donor Keeps Blessed Hope Front and Center at PJA


     On Sunday, April 30, in conjunction with our 3K Color Run event, Parkview hosted an unveiling ceremony for a work of art that has had visitors to our school standing and staring at length.  The painting is by Nathan Greene, a well-known Adventist artist who has been commissioned by NASA and whose paintings have hung in offices of government officials, as well as many other facilities.  This painting was generously donated through a grant from Versacare, and is entitled The Blessed Hope.  It depicts the return of Jesus to gather to heaven those who have committed their lives to Him and accepted His saving grace. Preparing for the second coming of Jesus is a primary reason that Adventist schools, churches, and health care facilities exist, so we are delighted to have this constant reminder of this great hope.
 Parkview Gets Another Grant!
     Last December Jann Cady (bless her great, big heart!) applied for $10,000 in technology grant funds from Versacare, an Adventist philanthropic organization.  About a month ago she checked the Versacare website but apparently accidentally viewed last year's recipient list. She concluded, erroneously, that we had not gotten the grant.  THEN, out of the blue, a check for $10,000 appeared in the mail. 

     We were ecstatic.  Teachers and advisors are reviewing our needs, so we can ensure that these funds are used in the most effective manner possible.  Stay tuned for photos and news on what is to come.  In the meantime, we praise God for His kindness to us (AND we are grateful to those through whom He worked as well- "Miss Jann" and the board of Versacare). 

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  Students Make a Difference in Their Corner of the World
Church School Business Twice Blessed
            Students at Parkview have begun a business, with the goal of using at least half of the funds earned to support ministry (the remaining portion supports the goals of a school-wide leadership and community-building program called Family Ties).  Handmade greeting cards are the initial focus of the business, which was started this school year.  The first project was to purchase 12 study Bibles requested by inmates in the Adventist Church formed at the Auburn Correctional Facility in Auburn, New York.
            When the Bibles were handed out, the prisoners were grateful, as might be expected, but God was not yet done with the project.  Several weeks later, members of the prison ministry team left the facility with three large, beautifully handmade thank you cards containing 96 signatures. When asked why there were so many signatures compared to the number of Bibles that were distributed, a gratifying story of God’s Spirit at work emerged. It seems that word spread throughout the prison and other inmates were deeply touched that children would demonstrate, in a tangible way, their care for men who have been largely forgotten. Those who wanted to sign the cards included members from many other faiths.  A non-Christian guest present the day the Bibles were distributed was given one as well and was most appreciative.  It seems highly likely that God is not yet done with this project. 
Students are praying now, asking God to reveal how He would like them to work with Him next.