Tuition & Fees PreK thru 9th Grade

PreK Tuition $676.50/mo
K thru 8th Tuition $400.00/mo
9th Grade Tuition $500.00/mo
School Supplies Fee (Grades PreK-9) $30.00
Textbook Fee (Grades PreK-9) $45.00
Outdoor School (Grades 5-9) $98.00
Music Festival (Grades 5-9) - Due in March $45.00
Graduation Fee (Grades K & 8) - Due in April $45.00
Technology Fee (Grades 2-9) $50.00


Due at registration:

  •         First Month's Tuition
  •         School Supplies Fee
  •         Textbook Fee
  •         Outdoor School Fee
    •         Technology Fee

Tuition is billed monthly for ten (10) months and is due by the 20th of the month. Electronic payment is available through Quickbooks.

Scholarships may be available.  Please don’t hesitate to ask if financial help is needed.